Ocala Community Garden Project

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A Community Garden that is Handicap Accessible

Land Provided and Project Initiated by Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary


Introduction: The Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary envisions creating a Community Garden that will provide a safe, caring and enriching

experience for physically and mentally impaired adults of Ocala. The Community Garden will allow these young adults the chance to continue improving their life skills with a meaningful purpose; to grow food for the refuge animals of the Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary.


The following are the different features of the Community Garden.

1. Raised Garden Beds that allow those in wheelchairs to easily garden,

2. Rock paths throughout the garden that will allow easy wheelchair and foot navigation,

3. A Hydroponics growing section that is powered by solar power,

4. and a shed that provides shade and a restroom.


The following will introduce you to the goals of completing this project.



Introduction to the Property

The Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary has a property located right up the street from their sanctuary. This property will transformed into the Community Garden for the local handicap community.




1. Raised Garden Beds

Introduction: Raised bed gardening has many benefits – the soil stays loose and well-drained since it isn’t getting continuously stepped on, and the beds are simply easier to plant and maintain since they are off the Raised Garden Beds will allow those that use a wheelchair or have difficulty standing to easily access the beds to be able to help with the Build the Raised Garden Beds using cement blocks.


There will be (3) beds that are 10 feet long by 3 feet wide and 2 1/2 feet tall.




2. Garden Stations

Introduction: Tower Garden simplifies traditional gardening, using a unique vertical garden system that makes it easy to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. There is no weeding, tilling or kneeling needed; making this an easy solution for those with special needs to manage.

Also, produce is known to grow twice as fast with the Tower Garden; allowing us to feed the animals twice as fast. These Tower Gardens re-circulates the water; eliminating the additional cost of constant watering of the gardens.

Each tower can grow up to 20 plants. Takes only 4 weeks to harvest.




3. Concrete Step Stone Paths for ease of navigation throughout the garden

Introduction: Rock paths will allow those in wheelchairs to be able to easily navigate throughout the garden. We have an estimated 150 yards of path that will be pathed.



4. Shed to provide share, storage and a restroom

Introduction: The land proposed for the Community Garden already has water and sewer hookup. We will purchase a 12×24 storage shed that will provide shade, storage and a restroom.




5. Community Partnerships

The Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary is proposing to build a strategic partnership with the following organization:


TLC ” Transitions Life Center “

Transitions Life Center is committed to building a community of acceptance where adults with physical and mental disabilities can live safe, caring and enriching lives. We will strive to serve these individuals in ways that help them to realize their full potential, while creating the least restrictive environment possible to foster the growth of each individual.

Proposed Partnership:

Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary would like to propose arranging TLC’s young adults to visit the Community Garden once to twice a week. TLC’s young adults will be able to learn the skills of gardening, help manage the garden’s grounds, harvest food when ready and help feed the refuge animals of the Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary.

Future Possibilities:

With partnering with TLC, the Community Garden can turn into a thriving opportunity that will not only satisfy the feeding needs of the refuge animals, but can turn into a business opportunity to further improving the young adults social skills.

Selling Food at Local Farmers’ Markets:

Once the needs of the animals are met, additional crops may be sold at local Farmers’ Markets. This would give the opportunity to TLC’s adults to further their social skills by helping sell produce. This idea will be developed with the help of TLC.




Estimated Costs to Complete the Project:

We would like to fundraise in the steps of the order of what is listed below.

We will aim to finish one project with fundraising and move onto the next.


1. Raised Garden Beds (Total Cost of = $1193)

o 64 Blocks at 1.37 each = $263

o Steel Rebars = $30

o Concrete for Footers = $550

o Contractor to Hire = $350

2. Steps for Stone Paths (Total Cost of = $2,700)

o 1,350 Steps @ $2.00 each

3. Hydroponic Towers (Total Cost of = $1,850)

4.Shed Structure (Total Cost of = $5,500)

o $2,500 for Structure

o $1,000 for Toilet and Plumbing

o $2,00 for permitting, water and sewer


Total Cost of Full Community Garden Project is $11,243


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  2. Or you can send Donations through mail by sending it directly to them:
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